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Chateau Musar White 2008

185,00 lei


Culoare         Alb
Tip         Sec
An productie          2008
Ambalaj         750ml 
Soi         Obaideh, Merwah
Regiune              Bekaa Valley
Tara         Liban
Vie         1400m altitudine 
Winemaker         Serge Hochar 
Alcool          12%
Numar sticle          



 Critic     Punctaj 
Cellar Tracker     89/100


Descrierea producatorului

Chateau Musar white wines are truly unique, produced from some of the oldest vineyard sites in the world dating back to 5,000 BC, although it was the Phoenicians, the great maritime race of the Mediterranean, who first ‘introduced’ Lebanese wine to a wider public. Indigenous ancient grape varieties Obaideh and Merwah, reputedly the ancestors of Chardonnay/Chasselas and Semillon are still cultivated from un-grafted vines on original rootstock. The vineyards on the seaward facing slopes of Mount Lebanon and the foothills of Anti-Lebanon were planted between 50 and 90 years ago and are at 1,200 metres above sea level. – few vineyards of this calibre and history remain in the world.

This vintage is a blend produced from 2/3rd Obaideh and 1/3rd Merwah and was fermented and aged partly in oak barrels for 9 months and partly in stainless steel vats, with temperatures ranging between 18 and 22 degrees Celsius. Obaideh is high in natural grape sugars and low in acidity, yielding wine with a creamy texture and flavours of honey and lemons – Merwah is a light skinned grape variety with light citrus and nut flavours, and blended together they make a distinctive white wine with excellent ageing potential.

The 2008 harvest was quite remarkable – the weather in the first two months was unremarkable though, with snow in January and rain until 23rd February. However no more rain fell for the rest of the spring and the whole of the summer and in July the vineyards started to feel the lack of water and harvesting started unprecedentedly early. Our indigenous varieties which are late harvested in October took their time however and rain a couple of days before we were due to harvest, forced us to postpone picking for a further 12 days. The white grapes were rich and fragrant with floral and lemon notes, far exceeding our expectations.

Chateau Musar White 2008 is pale gold with aromas of orange peel, peach blossom, lemon and pear. The palate has notes of stone fruits with orange zest overlaid by roasted almonds – it is very fresh despite its weighty texture. It is all at once; flowers, lemon, spice and honeycomb underpinned with a fresh acidity and very good length. Gloriously complex with a penetrating acidity that comes from old vines.



* Este posibil, dar putin probabil, ca din cauza dinamicii foarte mari a stocurilor si a comenzilor, unele vinuri sa fie indisponibile pentru moment sau ca anul de productie sa se fi schimbat. Insa nu va faceti griji; intotdeauna vom gasi o solutie.

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